NASA Solar System Ambassador

NASSSA New Logo JPG1A/JPL Solar System Ambassador Program

NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Cal-Tech) welcomes Eastern North Carolina’s first Solar System Ambassadors, Lisa Pelletier-Harman, Brandon Porter and Matthew Bruce. The Ambassador program scours the 16 countries that work with NASA/JPL for members of the amateur science community to represent NASA and present information about NASA’s programs, projects and missions. All programs are free to the public. Lisa, Brandon and Matthew will be working with the area’s State and National Parks to present monthly educational programs, as well as special requests for under served educational institutions such as local Museums and School Programs and Public Libraries. Focusing on upcoming Missions, as well as NASA’s special projects, such as activity on Earth (Weather, Climate Change and Natural Disasters), Lisa, Brandon and Matthew will also be working with the community’s youth. Focusing on STEM/STEAM programs Lisa, Brandon and Matthew will endeavor to make Science interesting and less intimidating for students in the hopes of helping them reach their full potential.

Meet our NASA Solar System Ambassadors.

Lisa Pelletier-Harman
Lisa Pelletier-Harman has had a love of the night sky since the mid sixties. This is when her father introduced her to the stars during what is now commonly known as the Race To The Moon. An avid astronomer, Lisa enjoys sharing her enthusiasm of Space Exploration and Astronomy whenever the opportunity arises. With over two decades of public speaking, teaching museum based workshops, and acting as host at numerous public events; Lisa has a proven track record of providing entertaining and educational information in an interactive, yet casual, setting. Her goal is to make learning about the night sky fun, interesting, and hopefully to open the door for those who, in the past, may have found science intimidating.

Lisa Pelletier-Harman

Lisa presenting a NASA SSA Program

Brandon Porter
Brandon Porter has always had an interest in space since receiving his first telescope as a child. It only showed him faint, fuzzy stars and an oblong Saturn, but he continued to explore and learn. He is an Eagle Scout recipient and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a member of a local astronomy club in eastern North Carolina and enjoys sharing the view through his telescope and what he knows with the general public. He organizes regular public club events as well as special activities and projects for club members.

Brandon Porter

Brandon Porter – Behind the scenes at NASA

Matthew Bruce
Matthew Bruce is an Aerospace Engineer working for the Navy as a federal civilian working on the V22 Osprey Aircraft. Some of his hobbies include Soccer, Astronomy, Astrophotography, Video Games, and watching Anime. He lives in the Morehead City area on the East Coast of North Carolina and is part of the Crystal Coast Stargazers. He is looking forward to further teach and share his passion of astronomy with the community around him.

Lisa Pelletier-Harman, Brandon Porter and Matthew Bruce are also members of the NASA Night Sky Network, which enlists top tier Astronomy Clubs and assists them in their public outreach efforts. Together they disseminate the latest information from NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Caltech. The Solar System Ambassador Program puts its Ambassadors through a rigorous application program as well as intensive training. NASA has a reputation for being the leader in its field and we expect the same from our Ambassadors.

We look forward to sharing a Universe of knowledge.

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